[On the Scene of Manmin] If you believe you shall see the glory of God!

| Manmin News No. 139 | 2009-03-08

I call the almighty God "Father."
I ran the risk of losing my life to be healed of my disease only by faith.
God healed me of my disease in His way!

Deaconess Haeoak Choi was at the threshold of death with acute appendicitis, but she completely relied on God and was miraculously healed.
"God saved my life when I depended on Him with faith even though there was less than 1 % chance of recovery without surgery.

It was on December 10th 2007 when I was in China. Quite suddenly my abdomen felt very uncomfortable and I was not digesting food properly. The next evening my lower abdomen started to swell causing me intense pain. It felt like my insides were about to burst. I could not sleep all night because of the severe pain.
I thought, 'What's wrong with my body?' On December 12th I went to hospital for evaluation and was diagnosed with appendicitis. The doctor recommended surgery because the appendix seemed almost ready to burst."

Doctor's note: December 18

1) Acute appendicitis
2) Abscess around the appendicitis
3) Disordered intestines

A Chiming and Clear Voice Was Sounded

"But I didn't want surgery, even in this emergency situation. It was because when I was living in China through faith and obedience to the gospel of sanctification I was healed of many diseases including dizziness and herniated discs of the spine and the cervical vertebra. I strongly believed that God would also heal me this time because I had already witnessed any disease could be healed by the power of God through Dr. Jaerock Lee's prayer.
'Surely God will heal me. I will be definitely healed by Senior Pastor's prayer.'
The pain got even worse and I couldn't breathe well. I quickly logged on to Manmin Central Church website. But due to severe pain I couldn't even find 'the Prayer for the Sick. Instead I received the prayer by phone recorded on Automated Response System. After the prayer, I managed to lie down, but still couldn't fall into deep sleep because of pain. At that time I suddenly heard a chiming and clear voice from somewhere.
'Appendicitis is not even a disease.' It sounded like a man's voice and it was sweet and clear. I was surprised and I opened my eyes, but no one was around me. I still had pain, so I drank Muan Sweet Water with prayer.

"You will die unless you have a surgery immediately."

On December 16, my pastor and some church workers visited me because they had not seen me for a few days, not even on Sunday. They saw my side was swollen. It was red and blackened. I was told that it looked very serious and I should go to hospital.
The next morning I went to hospital and received ultrasonography. The doctor could not immediately find what the problem was. So I went back to my missionary's home. My whole body felt very cold and my right side was swollen as high as ten centimeters. When the missionary laid the handkerchief over where I was sick, the pain seemed to go away, but I lost consciousness because of severe pain. I even passed out from the pain. When the missionary prayed for me with the handkerchief, I woke up.
The next day the missionary asked the doctor about my condition. The doctor said that if I was left without any treatment the inflammation would spread to the liver and that might lead to death. So the missionary took me back to the hospital.
The result of the medical checkup was very serious. My appendix was already ruptured and the abdomen around my appendix was destroyed. The side was swollen and the kidneys and some parts of the liver were damaged as well. The doctor said that he had never seen such a serious patient and I would die if I didn't receive surgery immediately.

"If I perish, I perish."

But I never wanted to depend on this world. Prophet Daniel was never afraid even facing being thrown into the lion's den as a result of the evil plot of wicked people. Thus, he kept his faith in God and God was impressed by his faith and protected him completely.
So I thought that if I call the almighty God 'Father' and rely on the world to solve my problem, then I could not be deemed to have true faith. I thought that it would be a disgrace before God.
I hurried to put on my clothes and left the hospital before they could force me to stay. I went back to the missionary's home and lied down with the handkerchief on my abdomen. Early the next morning, a surprising thing happened. It seemed like someone was touching my belly during the night and I heard popping sounds from my belly again and again. Later I realized the sound was the work of God with His healing hands. God did consider and heal me when I determined that 'If I perish, I perish' and then fully depended on Him with faith.
Around 3 in the afternoon I felt much lighter. And whenever I drank Muan Sweet Water, my urine became clean as if everything toxic had been leaked out. It seemed that someone was cleaning dirty things that had spread in the abdomen. Around 8 in the evening I relieved myself and I felt like flying in the air.
The following day I could walk and came home. Now I am very healthy like I had never been sick at all.
This testimony of mine was presented at the 5th International Christian Medical Conference by WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network) in Norway in May, 2008. I heard that my healing case had surprised many medical doctors who were attending the 5th WCDN conference.
One day a pastor who can see spiritual visions explained to me how God worked to heal me. God first washed my abdomen with the water of life and then removed the unclean things through the space of spirit as a black hole. Then I was reminded of a recording of the Book of Exodus. God parted the Red Sea into two and formed a special space between waters so that the Israelites could safely cross through the sea. Even today God opens the same spiritual spaces through His powerful servants and lets us experience this spiritual space.
I give all the glory to the living God who healed me with His amazing power. And I give my heartfelt thanks to the Lord who has confirmed the authenticity of the Bible and led me to have true faith through His powerful works." (Deaconess Haeoak Choi)

Before the Prayer (December 18, 2007)

Unclean on the right kidney's skin
The boarder between the right kidney and the liver is not clear
The subcutaneous tissue on the right side got thicker
(Right: 3.4 cm; Left: 2.0 cm)

After the prayer - January 30, 2008

The size of both the kidneys is normal
The inside of the kidneys is clean and the boarder between the right kidney and the liver is clear.

February 13, 2008 - The subcutaneous tissue on the right side is clean and normal

The current evaluation (February 4, 2009)
The picture shows the intestines are all clean and there is no appendicitis.
The CT shows there used to be severe inflammation on the right but now normal.

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