13Hoy Aviva Mexico ; 10 Septiembre 2013 Programa Especial AMEC - WCDN
from Youtube / Latin Christian TV channel Enlace
Sep 23, 2013
12World Christian doctors end Mexico summit
from Daily Independent (.pdf)
Jun 30, 2013
11As World Christian doctors meet in Mexico
from Daily Independent (.pdf)
Jun 14, 2013
10Christian Doctors Worldwide to Prescribe Spiritual Healing
from Breaking Christian News
Jun 11, 2013
9World Christian Doctors Network all around the world
from Christian Telegraph
Jul 08, 2013
8WCDNs 10th International Christian Medical Conference in Mexico
from Christian Telegraph
Jul 03, 2013
7from Sisa News (Korean)Jun 21, 2013
6Doctors travel to Mexico in search of modern-day miracles
from Assist News Service
Jun 19, 2013
5Why Does not God Heal Everyone?
from Christian Telegraph
Jun 18, 2013
4FIRE OF GOD falls on Medical Conference
from Assist News Service
Jun 15, 2013