The 3rd International Christian Medical Conference
"Spirituality and Medicine"

in Cebu City, Philippines on 1-2, June, 2006 < Venue : Grand Convention Center >

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Conference Program
June 1-2, 2006
8:00 am Registration

9:00 am

- Dr. Philip Anbarasan
Former State Medical Commissioner, Kerala, India
Chairman, Org. Committee for the 2nd Conference, 2005
  Welcome Address (video clip)
- Dr. Edith Tria
Director, WCDN-Philippines
9:30 am

Founder's Address(Video)
- Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee
Founder & President, WCDN
10:00 am

Chairman's Address (video clip)
- Dr. Joonha Hwang
Chairman, WCDN
10:30 am Delegation Presentation
10:45 am

Keynote Address (video clip)
- Hon. Antonio Yapha, Jr., MD, FPCS, FACS(Chicago)
Chairman, Committee on Health, House of Representatives, Philippines
"Pursuit of Excellence in the Medical Profession"
11:30 am

Lecture on Divine Healing (video clip)
Spirituality & Medicine
- Dr. Joonha Hwang
Chairman, WCDN
  < Case Presentation Part I >
1:00 pm

Case 1 (presentation view) (video clip)
: "R/O Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada Disease"
- Dr. Naomi Diliodilo (Philippines)
  Case 2
: "Compression Fracture T11-12, ..." (presentation view) (video clip)
& "Lateral Tennis Elbow Tendonisis" (presentation view) (video clip)
- Dr. Emmanuel F. Gines (Philippines)
  Case 3 (presentation view)
: "Regeneration of Liver Cells in Portal Hypertension with Far Advanced Liver Cirrhosis"
- Dr. John Youl Chun (China)
Director, WCDN-China
  Case 4 (presentation view) (video clip)
: "Infertility"
- Dr. Janice Vergara (Philippines)
  Case 5 (presentation view) (video clip)
: "Early Gastric Cancer" (video clip)
Dr. Fidel Fernandez (Philippines)
  < Case Presentation Part II >
9:00 am

Case 6
: "Qudriplegia due to Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (presentation view) (video chip 1)
& Celiac Diseases with Colon Obstruction" (presentation view) (video clip 2)
- Dr. Joonsung Kim (Korea)
  Case 7
: "Intracerebral Hemorrhage and Left Hemiplegia (presentation view) (video clip 1)
& Burn on the Face" (presentation view) (video clip 2)
- Dr. Yoonseok Chae (Korea)
Director, WCDN-Korea

Case 8 (presentation view) (video clip)
: India Case on Divine Healing
- Dr. Paul Ponraj (India)
Advisor, WCDN
  Case 9
: "Dr. Francis Pangan's Case - My Borrowed Voice" (video clip)
- Dr. Felicidad Felicilda (Philippines)
  Testimonial - "Near Death Experience" (video clip)
- Dr. Felicidad Felicilda (Philippines)
1:00 pm

Special Lecture (video clip)
: "Stem Cell, Cloning and Other Biotechnologies : What Value for Human Life?"
- Dr. David Prentice
Senior Fellow for Life Sciences, Family Research Council,
Washington D.C., U.S.A.
  Lecture (video clip)
:"What the Secular World Expects from Christian Doctors"
- Mr. Chinkee Tan
  Testimonial (video clip)
- Judge Robert Newsom
District Judge - Surfur Springs, Texas, U.S.A.
  Guest Lecture (video clip)
"The Wounded Healer"
- Dr. Fortunato Cristobal
Director, Medical Ministry - PCCC
Dean, School of Medicine, Ateneo de Zamboanga Univ., Philippines
  Awards and Recognition WCDN
- Dr. Arlene Diaz, Chairperson, Org. Committee for the 3rd Conference
& Dr. Edith Tria, Director, WCDN-philippines
  Closing Remark