The 5th International Christian Medical Conference
"Spirituality and Medicine"

in Trondheim on 15-16, May, 2008 < Venue : Radisson SAS Hotel >

Conference Video Clip(full version) 1, Conference Video Clip(full version) 2
Conference Program
Thursday May 15, 2008
8:00 amRegistration
9:00 amOpening Praise and Worship (Local Team)
9:30 amWelcoming Remarks by Dr Jenis Av Rana(Chairman of Organizing Committee)
10:00 amNational Anthem
10:10 am Welcome Remarks
by Dr Yoonseok Chae (President of WCDN)
10:30 am Video Message
by Dr Jaerock Lee (Founder of WCDN)
10:40 am The 1st Plenary Speech
by Pastor Thomas Bjerkholt (Whatever you do, work for the Lord, not for men) by Dr. Gary Cass
11:00 amCoffee Break
11:20 am Case 1 - Healing of Violinist's broken wrist (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr. Eydna Eysturskart Q & A
11:45 am 2nd Plenary Speech
by Pastor Svein Magna Pedersen ("How and Why God Heals")
12:30 pmLunch
2:00 pmPraise and Worship by Korean Performance Team
2:30 pm Case 2 - Phthisis Bulbi (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr Sanghun Yeo Q & A
2:55 pm Case 3 (video clip)
by Dr Chauncey Crandall Q & A
3:20 pm Case 4 (video clip)
by Dr Chauncey Crandall Q & A
4:05 pmPraise & Worship by Germany Team
4:15 pmClosing Prayer by Pastor Peter Rode
Friday May 16, 2008
9:00 amPraise and Worship by Norwegian Worship Team
9:30 amDevotion by Paster Mihkail Morgulis (Chairman of Spiritual Diplomacy)
9:40 am Case 5 - Healed after horse accident (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr Sven Frederick Q & A
10:05 am Case 6 - Healing of Infertility lasting 11 1/2 years (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr Jose R. Nery M.D. Ph.D. Q & A
10:30 amGCN (Global Christian Network) Presentation by Boaz Lee (President of Manmin TV)
11:10 am Case 7 - FROZEN shoulder/adhesive capulitis (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr Magnus Myntevik M.D. Q & A
11:35 am Plenary Speech - "Faith to Cross The jordan"
by Dr Chauncey Crandall
12:20 pmLunch
2:00 pmPraise & Worship by Korean Performance Team
2:30 pm Case 8 - Acute Appendicitis with Perforation (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr Joonsung Kim Q & A
2:45 am Case 9 - Healing of a non-Hodgkins' lymphoma (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr Ann Verachartert M.D. Q & A
3:20 pmCoffee Break
3:40 pm Video Presentation (Dr Rick Cellie's mission report)
4:00 pm Video (The 6th WCDN Conference in Kiev, Ukraine)
by Mark Bazalev & Dr Mikhail Morgulis
4:10 pmAppreciation
4:15 pmPhoto Session (Souvenir Photo)