10WCDN Conference Highlights Divine Healing Power of Jesus Christ
Jun 16, 2011
9The prayer of a pastor saves an Indonesian Bible student whose neck and throat were deeply slashed and then he was thrown into ditch to die
from Christian News Today
Jun 16, 2011
8WCDN Conference Highlights Divine Healing Power of Jesus Christ
from PR Newswire
Jun 16, 2011
7Top Korean doctor reveals why he believes in spiritual healing and is now dedicating his life to investigating miracles that cannot be explained medically
from Assist News Service
Jun 15, 2011
6The Doctor Who Came Back From the Dead
from Breaking Christian News
Jun 15, 2011
5Australian MIRACLE MAN says that prayer healed him from a broken neck and partial quadriplegia
from Assist News Service
Jun 14, 2011
4Liberty of conscience is critical for individual doctors as it lies at the very heart of our integrity., says founder of Medicine with Morality
from Assist News Service
Jun 13, 2011
3Doctors searched for evidence of divine healing in Australia
from Christian Telegraph
Jun 12, 2011
2A Pathologist puts divine healing under the microscope
from Christian Today Australia
Jun 11, 2011
1A spiritual revolution in the medical field
from Christian Telegraph
Jun 08, 2011