The 4th International Christian Medical Conference
"Spirituality and Medicine"

in Miami, USA on 13-14, July, 2007 < Venue : Hotel Hyatt Regency Miami >

Conference Video Clip(full version) 1, Conference Video Clip(full version) 2, Conference Video Clip(full version) 3
Conference Program
Friday July 13, 2007
7:00 am Registration
9:00 am Opening Praise and Worship
by Pastor Joseph Torres & House of Worship Band
9:30am Message by Pastor Charles McKnelly
10:00am National Anthem
10:05am Opening Remarks by Dr. Jose Nery
  Acknowledgment of Guests
by Dr. Armando Pineda-Velez(Director, WCDN USA)
Welcome Remarks
by Dr. Joonha Hwang(President of WCDN)
Video Message
by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee(Founder of WCDN)
Introduction of guests
by Paster Angel Diaz
10:50am 1st Plenary Speech (video clip)
"Judeo-Christian Ethics in Medicine"
by Dr. Gary Cass
11:20am 2nd Plenary Speech (video clip)
"Christian Physician and the Practice of Medicine"
by Dr. Jose Nery
11:50am Intermission Number by Gustavo Lima
12:00pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Praise and Worship by Korean Performance Team
2:00 pm Opening PrayerI by Pastor Lazarus Lee
2:05 pm Case 1 - Malignant Melanoma
by Dr. Mark Miller (video clip1) (video clip2)
District Judge - Surfur Springs, Texas, U.S.A.
Q & A
2:35 pm Case 2 - Spina Bifida (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr. Sanghun Yeo
Case 3 - Spontaneous Pneumothorax (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr. Yoonseok Chae
Case 4 - Pneumonia (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr. Joonsung Kim
Case 5 by Dr. Chauncey Crandall (video clip)
Q & A
3:35 pm Case 6 - Breast Cancer (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr. Pancheta Wilson
Case 7 - Breast Cancer (presentation view)
by Dr. Pancheta Wilson
Q & A
3:55 pm Coffee Break
4:10 pm 3rd Plenary Speech (presentation view) (video clip)
"The Wounded Healer"
by Dr. Fortunato Cristobal
4:40 pm Closing Prayer (end of 1st day)
Saturday July 14, 2007
8:00 am Praise and Worship by SGF Worship Team
8:30 am Devotional Speech by Paster Rich Kane
9:00 am Case 8 - Breast Cancer (presentation view) (video clip)
Case 9 - Multiple Myeloma (presentation view)
Case 10 - Ear Congenital Agenesia (presentation view)
by Dr. Armando Pineda-Velez(Director, WCDN USA)
Q & A
9:30am Case 11 - Polio & HNP (presentation view) (video clip)
by John Youl Chun
Q & A
9:55am Case 12 - Colorectal Cancer (presentation view) (video clip)
Case 13 - Fracture (presentation view)
by Dr. Pancheta Wilson
Q & A
10:15am Coffee Break
10:30am Case 14 - Cirrhosis (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr. Bryan Frank
Q & A
10:55am GCN Presentation
11:10am Testimony 1 - Kidney Cancer by Dottie Kane (video clip)
Testimony 2 - Radiculitis by Liz Lambert (video clip)
11:30am Intermission Number by Juan Carlos Trio
by Mariachi Band
12:00pm Lunch Break
1:30 pm Praise and Worship
by Korean Performance Team
2:00 pm Opening Prayer
by Paster Joseph Han
2:05 pm 4th Plenary Speech
"Adult Stem Cell - Its Clinical Applications" (video clip1) (video clip2)
by Dr. Roberto Fernandez Vina
2:45 pm Open forum
2:55 pm Case 15 - Tuberculosis (presentation view) (video clip)
by Dr. Armando Pineda-Velez
3:10 pm Awarding Ceremonies
3:30 pm Intermission Number
by Gustavo Lima
3:50 pm Closing Prayer
3:55 pm Photo Sessions